Aurora Solar

Advancing the solar industry to bring the future closer

Aurora Solar is creating a future of solar for all. The company is putting the power of data and technology into the hands of every solar professional to make solar adoption simple and predictable. The cloud-based platform uses data, automation, and AI to streamline workflows and grow solar businesses faster.



Mythos was brought on to help supplement the Aurora design team and bring expertise to a set of unique challenges. Aurora needed help building a vision for the future of their product and realizing that vision with precise product design and engineering effort.


The Brief

Mythos and Aurora collaborated on the solar permitting process, sales mode, the solar installation design panel, and contract management among other projects.


The Process

Mythos followed a specific design process to ensure that the best results were produced quickly and reliably. Mythos believes that good design is based on systems and processes. Early on, a framework and templates were formed to maintain consistency and familiarity for the user.


From Idea to Solution

Working over a period of several months, Mythos and Aurora tackled many challenges, and Aurora was set up for a bright future in the solar SaaS space. Ultimately, the solar permitting process, sales mode, solar installation design panel, and contract management were launched to great success and integrated into the comprehensive family of Aurora tools.